Svenska Dagbladet.

Europe's best designed newspaper in the category' national newspaper'. Their typography and use of photographs aim at high respectability.

"Svenska Dagbladet" already attracted the jury's attention at the 9th competition, as most "Awards for Excellence" were given to this newspaper then. With "Svenska Dagbladet",  print and online versions  are treated as a unity. Topical news are posted on the Internet so that there is enough room left for selected  information and a reader-friendly and magazine-like design. Characteristic of their style are service boxes, infographics and rather complex articles. A highlight is their weekend supplement, which uses elements of design from the daily product and combines it with a magazine-like layout.

Masthead. It is printed in capital letters, which underlines their  position as a national newspaper. It is a laudable decision to leave the room above the masthead free of teasers.

Teasers. They are below the masthead and at the bottom of the page. The layout is clean and clear. The pictures in the teasers are relatively small so as not to disturb the serious overall impression. Cut-out pictures protruding into the masthead might appear too tabloid like.

Lead  Article. This example mainly consists of a large photo, a headline and some lines of text, and deals with the Russian invasion into Georgia. The picture of the suffering civilians is a most suitable visualization of the event.

Teasers at the Bottom. They refer to the news, business and culture sections.

Proportion of Pictures. The proportion of pictures on this page is very high. A role model in this respect is the French "Libération", which was one of the first newspapers featuring  big pictures on their front pages. They strike the customer's eye at the kiosk. For some time now, "The Independent" and "Frankfurter Rundschau" have made use of the same means.

SvD on Sundays: N
”Svenska Dagbladet” is issued in a tabloid format and is divided in three main sections every day. On Sundays the Business and Culture section change their design into a more magazine inspired design and change name to N & K.

SvD supplement on Sundays: K
This front page of the culture supplement in the Sunday appearance with the large photo and the small teasers at the bottom certainly creates the desired effect on the readers.

Business Page. 'Näringsliv' means 'business'. This sectional front page is devoted to the topic 'stock market fever'. The visualization is made of a screen which shows an increase of 8.2 percent at the Stockholm Stock Exchange on September 20, 2008.

Channels of Information. In a series, innovative companies are being presented on a double page. The lead picture on the left shows a person in the foreground, and in the background a table with figures, formulas and workflows. The other photos depict scenes from the production. At the bottom left, infographics explain a planned tidal power station. At the bottom right, more service boxes are placed. On the whole, this double page comprises a classical combination of different channels of information, namely text, pictures, infographics and service boxes.

Supplement. 'Torterad' - 'Tortured'  reads the caption on the front page of the culture supplement. The sreaming monk serves as a very pithy visual.

Supplement Double Page. 'Smärtpunkt Tibet' -' Point of Pain: Tibet' is the headline. The page leaves a lot of white space, and to visualize the topic a single object is shown. The use of capitals underlines the newspaper's  position as a nationwide paper.

About SvD
"Svenska Dagbladet" was one of the first quality newspapers in Europe to switch to a tabloid format. They have a circulation of 186,200 copies and employ 210 journalists, 50 of whom are sub-editors responsible for the page layout, 10 photographers and 8 info graphics designers. Their home page was awarded "Sweden’s Best Media Website" in 2007.